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Suspiria vs Suspiria

I finally managed to rewatch the original Suspiria movie. I decided to rewatch it after writing my review of the remake. If you haven't read it, check it out now. One of the first things I noticed, is how the remake is so much more grey. The original, is really colourful. Every scene has some brilliant colour, like brilliant red and flashing blue. That seems to be Argento's style, since the second movie of the trilogy also makes extensive use of blue and red lights, often together. The atmosphere is also very different. There is much less paranoia compared to the remake. But the original is also so much more gruesome. Every death scene is filled with extremely colourful red blood and horrible depictions. The blood is so red, it looks like paint. I also noticed that the original is a lot funnier. There are a lot of little jokes here and there whereas the remake is much darker. It's also clear that the original had a much lower budget. The story is fairly different. It does start with one girl fleeing the school, but she's not related in anyway to the main character. In the remake, they're in a ballet troupe, whereas in the original it's a ballet school. It really changes the feel of the movie. Since the actors are younger and behave as such. I guess the remake didn't bother trying to make you guess what was going on, as we pretty much know right away that the matrons of the ballet troupe are witches. In the original there are signs but it's really not as clear. The visuals of the original movie are good and some of the scenes are quite shocking. For example, there's a scene where a girl falls in a room full of barbed wire. She struggles to get out, only to have her throat slit. It is absolutely cringe-worthy. There's this old guy telling the girl about witches. One of the things he says sounds like something you'd expect from a big company, or, anyway, if you're a bit sarcastic, that's how it sounds. It's something about witches always wanting more money and not caring who gets hurt in the process. One funny thing, it's Italian but events are in Germany. We know from History that these two countries should not go together. In both movie the main character kills Helena Markos, but there's really a big difference in the way she kills her. In the remake, she becomes the new Mother of Sigh, but, in the original, she stabs her and tries to get out of the house before the whole thing explodes. One of the big characteristics of the original movie is the use of a fisheye lens. There are quite a few scenes where you can clearly see the distortion around the edge of the image from the wide-angle objective. I am not sure which of the two versions I prefer. Both are good and have their strong points. One thing is for sure, I will be watching more Dario Argento movies in the future, and I'll be writing reviews about them. I hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know what you think of these two movies.

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