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I Suspect You'll Enjoy Suspiria

I recently bumped unto this movie on Amazon Prime Videos. I was a bit intrigued, since I've seen the original movie. For those of you who never heard of Suspiria, the original is a Dario Argento movie from 1977 and is part of the Mother trilogy, along with Inferno and Mother of Tears.

From the start, I can tell you that it's a "what the heck is going on?" kind of movie. It takes place in a Germany behind the Iron Curtain. The main protagonists are an American ballet dancer named Susie and a psychiatrist name Dr. Klemperer. The latter, I learnt, is played by the same by the same actress as the one playing Mme Blanc and Helena Markos, which really surprised me, because Dr. Klemperer is an old man.

In this movie, Susie joins a ballet troupe to figure out what happened to her sister. We soon realize that there is something really weird happening. It seems, the matrons of the troupe are witches, and that they're using the troupe as a way to perform their rituals. The most important of which is to prolong the life of Mother Markos, who's the oldest mother of what we learn are three mothers. Without going into details, the mothers are witches with enormous power.

There are many fascinating scenes. For example, there's a scene where a character is being beaten by invisible forces, as if she was some kind of doll being twisted in every direction. Meanwhile, this is all caused by Susie's dancing, so both are put in parallel.

Some of the scenes a terribly gruesome, but most of the movie is quite atmospheric and carries a disturbing feeling. The setting doesn't help. Their depiction of East Germany is dark, cold and strange.

I've seen the original a long time ago, so I can't really compare the two, but I found that this one was more interesting. One negative point for some people is the fact that the movie is only partially in English. Very often, characters talk in German, and sometimes in French. There are subtitles, but it can get annoying if you don't like subtitles. I speak English and French, and I know a bit of German, so for me it was quite interesting to watch.

It's a movie that you must watch when you can give it all your attention or you'll be completely lost. It's definitely worth a watch.

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