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I See You... Stay Away From Me!

Sorry for the weird title, but that's because I'm watching the movie I See You on Amazon Prime. From the get go, I'm not sure what to think of it. The logo of Saban Films got me by surprise. I usually associate Saban with Power Rangers. So, seeing the name associated with a horror film is a bit odd.

The beginning is weird, but creepy and well shot. The movie focuses on a family: the mom, the dad and their son. The son has a bruise on his face and his dad is sleeping on the couch. Seems like they're having issues.

The dad is a detective and he's been charged with a missing children investigation.

There's something weird happening in their house. The mom gets home and a drawer is opened in the kitchen. The window repairman also tells her that their daughter let him in... But they only have a son.

Then, we have a dinner scene with the mom and the son. When she asks about the repairman, he flips out at her. Turns out she cheated on her husband.

It doesn't stop there. The dad ends up getting locked in a closet while chasing his son's hamster. As if this invisible force closed the door.

The dad has settled in the guest bedroom, and during the night, something pulls his blankets off him. That's one of those things that creep me out. The weirdest part is that he wakes up and realizes that he wet the bed.

While the dad is working on the missing children case, the mom gets an unexpected visit from her lover, who ends up receiving a coffee mug on the head from nowhere. While the mom drives her son to school, something whacks the lover.

Returning to the missing kid, they find a trip wire in the wood where the kid was riding his bicycle... That's creepy.

Talking about creepy, there's something inherently creepy about a cop burying the body of his wife's lover in the woods. But that's exactly what happens. They think it was their son who killed him.

I just got shivers. The son is on his computer and a chat window just opens asking him if he knows what "phrogging" means. He looks it up and finds a video of someone going around his house.

Meanwhile, someone wearing a mask is watching him. What the heck is going on?

The movie changes style completely when we go to a vlogging style. Turns out that two people, a guy and a girl, are hiding in the house. They film the whole thing to do a documentary on phrogging. The girl seems to be the pro and the other one is just learning from her.

Then it goes back to normal. But we get to see the events from another point of view, that of the two phrogs. We realize that the guy is a bit of an ass. He steals pictures and drugs the girl's water. He's the one messing with the family.

I'm just wondering what's the link with the missing kids. The dad is working on a case, but it's not the only one. Sounds like a serial offender.

I just arrived at the scene where the dad had something pulling his blanket. Turns out it's the guy and he took a piss on the dad. For some reason, I thought it would be funny if it's what happened... Turns out I was right. And guess who dropped the coffee mug. What a psycho!

But here's the twist, he did not kill his wife's lover. The dad did. This movie is getting more and more messed up.

The girl ends up falling down the stairs after a fight with the guy. He tries to help her and puts her in the car, unconscious. He doesn't have time to drive away with her, because the dad arrived. The dad ends up taking the car to go to the woods.

That's where things get worse. She finds a caravan where the missing kids are kept prisoner by the dad. This is really changing the way I saw the events of the movie.

I'm not going to spoil the end of the movie, but it's definitely worth watching. I like the concept and despite the movie starting as a paranormal horror film, I like the way it turned. It's way more twisted than I thought.

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