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I Have No Witching Idea Why You Would Watch That

Amazon Prime Videos can be a very magical place. You can find all kinds of movies. You have comedies, sci-fi movies, romantic movies, and so much more. All great stuff, but when you get to horror films, that's where you know if you'll get hexed or if you'll find a love potion. All that to say, there are some good movies, and are horrible movies. The movie The Witching is part of the latter, and I'll tell you why.

The movie is actually an anthology of short films linked together by this even crummier connecting piece. Basically, we're all watching a podcast where people are in the forest telling horror stories.

The first story is something about a ghost kid. I really didn't find it interesting. The second, is a story about a sleepwalking demon. It's a creature similar to the sandman, but it causes people the sleepwalk. Again, not that interesting.

The third story is the one I found the most interesting. It's about this radio host who interviews a medium. He clearly states that he doesn't believe in these things. He then gets a call from God, and from the Devil. He eventually sees his dead mom and brother. It was quite funny.

The fourth story is about this magic hourglass that a woman finds in her mom's things. Turns out, she can use it to get one extra hour a day, but there's a warning about using it for more than one hour a day. She starts using it and enjoys the extra time she has, considering she has two young kids. But, soon she tries using it for more than an hour. Not long after, their pet dies. The next day, she leaves the hourglass by her baby's crib and goes to the kitchen. She finds the rest of the warning, where it says that if you use the hourglass for more than an hour, it takes hours away from your close ones' life. She runs to her baby's crib, but not fast enough for the baby to kill the whole family. Overall, it was interesting.

Then, there's a story about a security guard who works the night shift in a parking lot. He gets a quick briefing from the one he's replacing and during the night, he meets this woman who's having an overdose. In the end, we learn that the guard he's replacing died on the job (yes, the same one he met at the beginning of his shift) on the night where a woman died of an overdose in her car. Here, the twist was interesting.

The final story is about a girl who gets in a car with a guy who previously "helped" her with a loose wheel. She ends up losing the wheel. This, to me, was really suspect. The guy just fixed it and she looses the wheel anyway? Doesn't it sound like he caused the wheel to be loose? But, that's not obvious enough for her. He tells her about two ghosts that are known to haunt the road. He ends up being one. I really didn't like this one.

After this final story, we go back to the podcasters. The whole point of the movie is that they are at a location where a witch was killed at the exact time she got killed. So, when the clock strikes midnight, they all get torn to shreds by the witch. After the hour and twenty minutes of torture I've gone through, I found the ending very satisfaying.

Overall, I think some of the shorts would have been better on their own, or at least without that bad section with the podcasters. If you decide to watch it, I would suggest keeping to the third and fourth story. If you feel like it, watch the fifth one, but skip the rest.

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