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Don't Blink, You Don't Want to Miss It

As usual, I was going through horror films on Amazon Prime Videos and I found a movie that looked interesting. I know, I know, it's all normal stuff so far. Well, the movie in question is Don't Blink. It stars this guy from Beverly Hills 90210.

As well as the main female character from Warehouse 13.

A group of friend arrives at a cottage resort. The whole place is deserted, there's still food on the table, there's a noose in the middle of a cottage and something is frozen in the middle of the lake. We also see that "Don't blink" is written on a mirror and on the inside of a cupboard door, we see that it's written "Help me". When they realize that the resort is deserted and that there are no animals, they decide to leave. The only problem is that they're out of gas. There are gas pumps, but they don't work. So, they're stuck in this resort. It doesn't take long for one of them to disappear. They're looking for this girl, Tracy, and then another guy disappears while they're looking for her. Now, the cottage doesn't look scary at all. It looks brand new, so it's hard to explain what's going on. The characters are divided: should they stay there or should they try to leave with the little amount of gas that they managed to salvage. So, they take a vote and decide to stay. They know they don't have enough fuel to get back to civilization, so they don't have much choice, and with two friends missing, what else can they do? It doesn't take long for things to get weirder. This guy hides behind a table and disappears. As soon as the girl lost visual contact with him, he was gone. They freak out, and the one guy hellbent on leaving gets a gun from his car. There's even one girl who starts saying it's divine punishment. At that point, we're more than halfway through the movie and we still have no idea what's going on. They decide to go to the kitchen to get some food. We see one character vanish behind the refrigerator door. At that point, one of the guys freaks out, steals the gun, shoots another character and takes the car keys. Along with his girlfriend, they get in the car and try to get away. They don't go very far, the car just stops moving all of a sudden. When the group goes to investigate, only the girl is left in the car. The car keys disappeared along with the guy, so they're stuck now. The situation is bad, the one guy who got shot will survive his injuries, but he's now sleeping. It's night, so they're all getting tired. If getting out of sight makes them disappear, they're in trouble. Despite all that, they still managed to plug in a sex scene. There's nothing too graphic, but it feels a bit out of place. It doesn't matter, because the girl ends up disappearing. With half an hour left to the movie, they're now only four left. All of a sudden, there is a knock on the door. One of the guys is at the door. He claims to have fallen in a ditch and passed out. How did he survive? Things escalate quickly. The one guy who wanted to leave is starting to interrogate the one who just reappeared. He shoots him twice to extract an answer out of him. Then, he drags him outside and makes him disappear. This guy has completely lost his mind. To avoid vanishing, he shoots himself in the head. Joke's on him, though, because as soon as they look away, every traces of him is gone. Same goes for the blood trails left by the poor guy who was interrogated by him. All of a sudden, the phone rings. We're expecting something sinister, but it's just someone trying to make a reservation. The good thing is that they managed to call for help. They have to hold on for three hours, but as soon as they start to feel relieved, the lights go off. Now, it's going to be much harder to keep visual contact. Luckily, they find candles. Now there is a very long exchange between the two main character where they reveal their inner feelings. It is a bit odd considering they're three, but we're focused only on two of them. The third one might as well have disappeared, and she actually does. With two of them left, they must make sure to keep looking at each other. But, they're tired, so the guy from 90210 ends up vanishing. Luckily for the girl, rescue has arrived. We're thinking she's safe, but she's not. In a matter of seconds, they're all gone. Soon after, she's gone too. The concept of the movie is interesting. I thought the suspense was very good and kept you on the edge of your seat the whole movie. The actors did a great job and I really enjoyed the casting. Overall, it's all simple special effects, but it's all that you need. As for originality, it reminded me of the angels in Dr. Who, but with a nice twist. The movie is visually pleasing, and I really don't have negative notes about it. So, I would say it's definitely a movie to watch.

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