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Digging Up the Marrow

What a thrill to be watching this movie for a second time. It just made me yell out in one of the best jump scare I've had in years.

What is this movie you'll ask. It's a horror film with the actor playing the devil in Reaper (Ray Wise). Don't get confused when the movie starts: the first few minutes of the movie look like a documentary on the horror genre.

The movie continues in a documentary style and it focuses on Wise's character and what he calls The Marrow. It's basically some kind of network of tunnels dug by these creatures. What we understand is that they are deformed children who disappeared.

The filmmakers try to get proof that the creatures are real and not a hoax perpetrated by Wise's character.

We get a few good views of the creatures and they made me shiver every time. Then, let me tell you that nothing is more terrifying than a naked man in a prison cell talking to the camera like some kind of hostage, yelling that monsters are not real.

This movie is genuinely terrifying and funny at the same time. I thought the acting was very good and the special effects very convincing.

I strongly recommend it. It's one of my favourite movies.

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