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American Yakuza

I started watching American Yakuza on Amazon Prime. The ratings were really low, so I had low expectations. However, I was positively surprised. It's really not bad at all.

The plot is fairly straightforward. This guy saves a high ranking Yakuza and becomes a member himself.

The catch is, he's an undercover FBI agent. So, he's doing all that to catch the big boss. Most of the movie, we wonder if he's going to change side or not. It feels like he's treated better by the Yakuza than by the FBI.

Next twist is that his boss learns that the mob is going to hit the Yakuza and decides to let them do it. Isn't that what they call "let the problem solve itself"?

I must say, we become invested in the main character's life. Especially when his girlfriend gets killed.

I would say it's worth a watch!

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